Colourful fit-out for QBE


Praha 4 - Pankrác




350 sqm



CAPEXUS has finished realization of fit-out for QBE company in the Gemini building in Prague 4, Pankrác.

Fit-out pro společnost QBE zahrnuje designově sladěnou kuchyňku se zelenými skříňkami.


QBE Czech Republic focuses on insurance of business subjects, especially in the field of insurance of property and material liability.

The author of the design is Erika Doláková, realization team was Lucie Malá (Business Manager) and Ludvík Lusk (Project Manager).

As a general supplier CAPEXUS provided realization including project documentation drawings, dealing with building authorities and autho supervision.

Prostorná kancelář s kobercem Voxflor Color Spring barevně ladí s celým fit-outem pro společnost QBE.

Coloured transitions

QQBE has in the offices Voxflor Color Spring carpet, which is the bright new release in floor materials. Uniqueness of this collection consists in coloured gradient transitions – in this case transition of green and blue is used. 

Liitmotivy a dekorace s motivy listů na skleněných stěnách v prostorách QBE.


Colours green and blue are also leitmotifs, which pervade the whole space. Their accents are used on material of reception, kitchen unit, fitted cabinets and complements.

Project was finished in time and within the fixed budget.

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