Unusual combination: work space together with work of arts


Budova DELTA, Praha 4




2 200 sqm



Work space combined with art pieces by contemporary Czech artists. A sneak peek of meeting rooms of PRO.MED.CS Praha.For PRO.MED.CS Praha, a leading pharmaceuticals producer, we fit out 120 working places, including offices for middle and top management. Thanks to an unprecedented cooperation between Jakub Fišer from the Aulík Fišer architects studio, CAPEXUS and the client, the result was an exceptional combination of working environment and artwork of leading contemporary Czech artists. The most attractive result was the luxuriously designed conference rooms.

The rest and dining area is equipped with Actiu furniture - round white tables and chairs and modular sofas in dark gray.

Actiu furniture

Representatives of leading global furniture producers were invited for the competitive tendering. Actiu, which is represented by CAPEXUS in the Czech market, captivated the attention of the investors primarily due to its history as a family business and the ethical and environmental values that it promotes. In addition, at the time of the tender none of us anticipated that Actiu’s founder and the sole owner, Vicente Berbegal, would win the European Entrepreneur of the Year award.

The conference room is equipped with white furniture, which is in contrast to the walls black painting. Space is complemented by atypical lighting, white curtains and painting.

Luxury look

The collaboration built from the enthusiasm of all parties – CAPEXUS representatives, Jakub Fišer from Aulík Fišer architects studio and the unique PRO.MED.CS management – led to six months of enjoyable and creative cooperation, and created an unprecedented combination of a light and airy working environment with pieces of art from leading Czech artists. In the conference rooms, which are the most distinctive part, black contrasts with white resulting in a genuine impression of luxury.

The work places are equipped with white tables and cabinets and black chairs.

120 working places

CAPEXUS had the opportunity to completely fit out 120 work places, including the offices of middle and top management. Actiu furniture plays the largest part here. The work places use the Vital Plus ST desks with sliding top features and STAY chairs, the middle and top management offices are equipped with extraordinarily elegant Arkitek desks with pedestal cabinets and top class ergonomic TNK Flex chairs.

The conference room is furnished with white Actiu furniture. The floor decor is on the wall too. There are hanging two black and white paintings.

Elegant equipment

The above mentioned Arkitek desks also dominate the conference rooms, where they are complemented with Ikara chairs. Apart from the Actiu furniture, the interior also includes luxurious couches and armchairs from Arper, LaCividina and Tacchini.

DELTA Building

The DELTA Building is the newest and largest addition to BB Centrum in the location of Pragueˈs Pankrác. It comes from the drawing boards of Aulík Fišer Architects and was completed in 2015. It consists of two individual buildings with a very effective floor plan in the shape of a letter H, which can be connected at every level by a walkway. Thanks to this, each floor can have an area of up to 4,530 m2. Five underground levels offer 794 parking spaces for tenants and the general public. Tenants can take advantage of the roof terraces with extensive greenery and relaxation zones, as well as cafeterias and restaurants. The western part of the building is bordered by a green zone with an artificial riverbed, while the southern side of the building adjoins the newly built Brumlovka Park.

The DELTA Building has excellent transport accessibility: a bus stop is located directly in front of the building with connection to metro stations Budějovická and Kačerov. The building also has the direct connection to Prague Ring Road and the D1 motorway.

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