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City West


Leading retaile


1 200 sqm



Our company won a tender for the design and construction of new office interior for one of the largest retail dealers in the country. The task was to create a future concept for a working environment for the whole company applicable to an area of 1,200 square meters.

Spacious kitchen with a large number of green and gray chairs combined with classic and bar-style tables with adjoining tables and ceiling lights.

Communication is key

Before the realization itself, there were many extensive preparations for the project. Our architects and designers took a few months, with the client, to consult the best possible space planning with an emphasis on new elements such as a relaxation room, a space for quiet work, several rooms for personal telephone calls, modern lockers for employees or a large kitchen fulfilling the function of a common room.

A view of flexible workspaces in the composition of office chairs, work desks on wheels and mobile lamps.

Eco and mobile

Another objective was to put maximum effort in the project to make it environmentally – friendly. The client wanted a "paperless" office (with minimal need for paper during the operations), indirect workspace lighting using mobile lamps as well as the possibility of flexible working spaces.

Workspaces at openspace office with associated large storage spaces beside work desks where the openspace sections are separated by short acoustic walls.

Sound of silence

There was an invited expert on room acoustics, who suggested several interior solutions and improvements of acoustic parameters in open offices that need to be involved in the project. Our project department subsequently drew up a project we realized in a record time of 2 months. We created a sequential video that shows very well the complexity of the whole implementation and demanding coordination of approximately 30 subcontractors and 22 professions who participated in the construction.

Red soft seating complemented with height-adjustable coffee tables in white with modernly decorated walls.

International comfort

The project also included a complete supply of furniture, a combination of Scandinavian, Italian and Spanish furnishing work. The open space is complemented by red soft seating, which is unique thanks to its beach basket inspired shape. The soft seating is complemented by a unique height adjustable conference tables from Spanish manufacturer ACTIU with built-in rotational features.

TRAMA mobile tables with a folding plate, complemented by brown office chairs and a short distance away by modern chair with rounded hanami designed for relaxation.

Flexible furniture

The open space includes TRAMA tables, also from ACTIU, that have an adjustable surface and wheels. The casual meeting rooms are furnished with super modern chairs with rounded edges and dynamic details. The “Phone booth” rooms are equipped with bar stools with wooden legs. Similar chairs are also used in the kitchens.

A meeting room for eight people, dominated by a long white table complemented by an elegant white wheelchairs.

City West

The complex of City West office buildings is situated in Prague 5 – Stodůlky. In addition to administrative headquarters, this place has the perfect combination of services and working environment for it’s users, where the architecture, unique design and green relaxation areas. Here there were created completely new residential headquarters, a city park and centre square with shops and services.

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