Officces reflecting the bright colors for RICOH


Greenline, Praha 4




900 sqm



In the spring of this year the company RICOH Czech Republic Ltd. approached us for cooperation in the fit-out of their offices in a newly constructed building Greenline on Kačerov. The RICOH company is a manufacturer of high-end (top) office, communication and photographic techniques.

Playful imagination

The actual premises, which are located in the circular part of the building, so giving a large space for the imagination of architects, this task was undertaken Ing. arch. Jan Andrle, who already has designed a lot of important projects such as UPC, Allianz and Philip Morris.

Brightened colors

Floor coverings should reflect the bright colors which is important for the company RICOH and has therefore been elected carpet Voxflor of Natural Code series in hallways and showroom. The Natural Code carpet offers a wide range of shades and colors, so individual vibrant colors highlight the bright colors of the RICOH printers. In the meeting rooms and an area for sitting was laid carpet Voxflor of Goth series. The greatest emphasis was put on the colorfulness of showroom where products of the company are exposed. For the interiors design an architect designed interesting atypical cabinets that complement the pure white workplace.

Interesting accessories 

Acoustic seating from Metalmobil and Softline companies were used to relaxation zones, again in pleasant colors. They were complemented by interesting wallpapers and printings from a design by architect Jan Andrle. Luxurious meeting rooms were furnished with a series ARKITEK, the top range of furniture from ACTIU. Very interesting addition are also acoustic panels mounted on the ceiling in the context of openspace, which were created a custom by SilentLab.

Although from the initial specification to final handover had passed just three months, CAPEXUS again proved that even in such a short time is able to deliver a contract to the maximum customer satisfaction, as evidenced among other things the fact that we were asked also about the design and realization of the company's headquarters RICOH in Bratislava.

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