New realizations for ČSOB


Praha, Jindřichův Hradec




650 sqm



After last year's highly successful implementation of branches for the Czechoslovak Commercial Bank, of which we have received very positive feedback from the client, we managed to establish close cooperation with this banking institution and at the beginning of this year we realized another two fit-outs of branches SME - corporate banking, namely branch in Anglická street in Prague 2 and a branch in the Náměstí Míru in Jindřichův Hradec.

Cozy offices, animated by several flower pots with live plants that provide ample privacy despite the openspace solutions.

Tuned design

Since it is a branch for corporate banking, attended by very important clients of CSOB, the overall design had to be tuned so it looks sparingly and mostly presentable. Our architects have designed fit-out in bright shades, using elegant rounded shapes and the entire area is supplemented by corporate colors. 

Slats in corporate colors of ČSOB separate discrete zones with acoustic seats within the open space offices.

Comfort without noise

By using acoustic Badminton seats from ACTIU and colored slats discrete zones within the open-space offices were created. Furniture ACTIU has been used also throughout the space of branches, because it managed to achieve a good balance between design, comfort and functionality. Besides the seats they were also used tables of LONGO and PRISMA series, office chairs STAY and screens SPLIT. On the floor is a VOXFLOR carpet - namely a series of Bordeaux and the Daintree and the whole design is also tuned by lacobels walls, smart walls, a number of atypical elements and greenery.

A view of the corridor dominated by a wall covered with pale blue glass with a ČSOB logo and a pink tone light.

Timeless inspiration

We hope that timelessness and design of these branches will serve as good reputation not only for us, but especially for ČSOB. As evidence of good work done and attractive design testifies mainly that we have now opens up the possibility of further cooperation with this important client.

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