Transfer of energy and design to the new Elektrotrans offices


Prague 5 - Dynamica




1 070 sqm



Elektrotrans a.s. is a leading Czech provider of comprehensive electricity transmission and distribution services. In making the decision to move out of its already unsuitable premises in Zličín, the company also wanted to recharge its office space. Before relocating and moving ahead with the implementation, however, it was necessary to design the offices exactly according to the client's ideas. CAPEXUS took the design of a modern workplace, one that reflects the corporate identity and provides employees with an ideal environment for work, and turned it into a reality.

Relaxation space in bright colors at Elektrotrans

Colour uniformity and playfulness at the same time

Carefully selected colour tones can support both productivity and corporate values. The space in the Elektrotrans offices is divided into two main areas.
The clearly demarcated core is characterized by wooden elements and the use of corporate blue. However, other distinct shades are added to it in less conspicuous elements. The second area, the office space, is dominated by soothing brown and beige shades. Thanks to its location in the brightest parts of the building along the facade, the offices have plenty of natural light.

When designing the offices, the main idea was to separate the core of the building from the office space. The core symbolizes the heart of the office; it serves primarily for meeting and relaxation, so it is full of colour and life. The office space, on the other hand, is rendered in calm light tones for focused work.
Ing. arch. Lucie Kecová, project architect, CAPEXUS
Beige office space with acoustic elements at Elektrotrans

Plentiful workspace

The main goal of the whole project was to create spaces that will provide optimal conditions for the work of all the company's employees. So we first prepared a space plan. After it was approved, we developed an overall architectural design and elaborated details based on the client's needs. This approach was reflected, for example, in the large drafting tables that we supplied as an atypical solution.

Another huge challenge in terms of atypical furniture was the rounded cabinet at the top of the corridor. The wooden cladding in the core is also deserving of attention. To ensure peace and quiet for the work of the designers, we used hanging acoustic panels that minimize noise from the surroundings and other parts of the building.

Cozy meeting room in blue with chairs from Actiu

Representation of corporate identity in every detail

As soon as you enter the main lobby it is evident from the interior design that the company is engaged in energy. The combination of blue, an illuminated logo and the many hanging bulbs is impressive and clearly expresses the corporate identity. After entering the office space, this impression is complemented by the chosen colour scheme.

Mossy image in the main relaxation zone which is connected to the kitchen

Green cabling

At the client's request, we incorporated many live plants into the offices that run on cables across the interior. These cables symbolize power lines, which are an important part of the company's activities. As for other greenery, it is worth mentioning the moss painting in the main relaxation zone with the kitchen. In the kitchen itself, there are shelves with flowerpots for herbs.

 Good coffee is the basis of the day!

Corporate kitchen in a colorful design with bar stools

If you also want to get energy, new life, and a carefully thought-out design solution for your new offices, do not hesitate to contact us. We will take care of your project from start to finish.

Photo author: Petr Andrlík

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