New common spaces for IPP 5


I. P. Pavlova 5, 5 floor


I. P. Pavlova 5


2 000 sqm



The task: To transform the common spaces in a historic building. The spaces: A lobby with reception area, elevator and corridors in five floors, and roof terrace with a spectacular view of the centre of Prague. The client's requirement: Clean, light Scandinavian-style wooden interiors. The person in charge: Our architect Monika Palová, who expressed the Nordic style with a combination of neutral colours with wooden elements and furniture in warm tones.

Lobby in Nordic style

Visualization of the reception and lobby area in the I. P. Pavlova building
Entrance area with reception and lobby in the commercial space of I. P. Pavlova building

Visitors entering the lobby of the historic building on I.P. Pavlova square in the centre of Prague are immediately welcomed by the elements in the aforementioned Nordic style. We achieved the luxurious appearance of the space by means of magnificent wooden cladding and a Corian reception desk. The soft seating and plants give the space a pleasantly cosy feel. The original idea of illuminating the dark lobby with aluminium reflectors was replaced by a variant of lights by Delta Light, not only due to its practicality, but also from a design perspective.

The biggest challenge in terms of technology was the lobby, the layout of which was changing," said project architect Monika Radová. "Specifically, we relocated the reception desk, including cable distribution (for computers, telephones, printers and heating). But due to the historical nature of this part, it wasn't possible to make construction modifications. Our electrical designers took on the difficult task and found a suitable solution.
Monika Palová, architect, CAPEXUS

Soft seating on the ground floor

Visualization of commercial space with soft seating interior SOFTLINE
Visitor zone on the ground floor with comfortable interior in IPP5

Pleasant soft seating on the ground floor consists of furniture by Softline (PDF catalogue): Vera chairs and Tribeca table. A large amount of daylight permeates through the glass wall behind the staircase, while additional artificial lighting is created by designer lights and wall lights suspended above the staircase. Vines from Flower service give the space a unique appearance.

Working with CAPEXUS architects is a real pleasure, because they are willing to work in close cooperation with the client in order to understand and meet the client’s expectations to the maximum extent possible. At the same time I also value their courage to take a stand, when they think that there are better solutions than proposed by the client. Best results can only be achieved in such open and honest environment. I am very satisfied with both the process and the result. Thank you CAPEXUS architects.
Holger Tilk, Regional Manager of Western and Central Europe, company Kapitel

The common area

Design of commercial space in minimalist design in IPP5
Realization of commercial space in minimalist design in IPP5

The common area with entrances to the individual office spaces is unified by wooden cladding with the floor number and a glass plate with the names of the companies housed on that floor. Due to its location in a protected escape route, the cladding had to be made of FLAMEX flame-retardant in conjunction with a wood veneer that meets the fire safety requirements. The random placement of small ornamental tiles creates a strip of playful floor tiling in the elevators. In contrast, the door frames for the rental units are rendered in a white anthracite hue, the doors are glass, and some tenants have therefore chosen to cover them with a variety of stickers. Since the layout of each floor is not identical, the details were always adjusted for the particular floor.

Roof terrace with wooden floor and seating bags in IPP5


Upon entering the roof terrace the panorama of the metropolis, including Prague Castle, open up before you. The wooden slats made of Siberian larch are complemented by matching furniture; FLUID upholstered chairs by Softline (PDF catalogue) together with IKON tables by Pedrali (PDF catalogue) allow for comfortable seating. Other seating options are the Volt chairs also from Pedrali paired with the higher Tabula tables by Actiu.

A stretched custom-made triangular sun shade provides protection from the hot rays of the sun. Wooden flower boxes serve as a decorative element, while also subtly concealing ducts and wiring.

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