Lively office spaces of EP Energy Trading


Prague City Center


EP Energy Trading


750 sqm



Another original realisation by CAPEXUS were the recently completed office spaces for EP ENERGY TRADING.

The view of the corridor, where the meeting rooms are separated by glass partitions, at the same time, the rooms are separated by different types of carpet squares, here are the hues for the corridor and the green-violet for the meeting room.

Complete design

The EP ENERGY TRADING Companies’ headquarters have undergone a complete renovation. The architectural design is completely made by our architect Ing. Arch. Jan Andrle. Individual parts of the open space are divided by atypical furniture and glass partitions that separate the meeting rooms and relax corners. The dominant feature of the interior is the particularly representative reception area.

A small meeting room for smaller teams with green office chairs, colorful carpet squares and writing boards on two walls.

Carpets equals comfort

Emphasis was also placed on the office of the CEO. The style of the interior was influenced by the latest trends. The main requests of our client were: use of quality carpets, the creation of a highly representative space, and enough meeting rooms with excellent acoustic properties for maximum comfort.

A look at the office openspace, mostly white, which is enlived by the moss squares on the walls and the carpet squares in purple and green.

Nature inside office

An interesting element in the design concept is mummified green moss on the walls, which literally brings the interiors to life. The whole area is equipped by a combination of furniture in white and brown wood decor with carpets in corporate colors. The carpet tiles have very interesting details that underline the whole interior. The supplier of carpets is our partner VOXFLOR. Most of the furniture was custom made. The chairs are made by the Spanish manufacturer ACTIU. 

A meeting room where the dominant feature are green and purple carpet tiles and an elongated white meeting table with black and white office chairs.

Prague City Center

Prague City Center is located in a very good location in the center of Prague. The location is very convenient from in termsof amenities and also thanks to excellent transport accessibility. Nearby is the tram, bus and metro (Florenc, Náměstní Republic). At the same time it is located in a quiet area, away from the main tourism.

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