Funny Sassy


Praha 9 - OC Letňany


Funny Sussy


250 sqm



One of the most creative projects of our architects is the Funny Sussy baby hairdresser. The request for processing and realization of the salon came from this client for the second time.

 Funny Sussy hairdresser is cheerful in color. The interior is optically divided into several parts thanks to the colored walls and floor.


The task was to create a study in the character of the previous realization in OC Gallery Butovice. Funny Sussy Studio provides services to children, so design is very colorful and playful, dominated by distinctive colors and specific room lighting. The mirror incorporates LED lighting, which lifts the hairdressing areas. The floor is made of vinyl, which is suitable for this type of operation.

 Funny Sussy baby hairdresser is pleasantly enlightened by round white lamps. The interior features purple chairs and shelves and a green sofa.


The combination of materials and colors used is playful and relaxed. The result of this realization is the satisfaction of our customers and the client, who has invited us for the realization of his salon for the second time.

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