Diamond Point Receptions


Diamond Point




1 000 sqm



This Autumn Capexus has won the tender for the reconstruction of two receptions at Diamond Point Building. The design rose from the well-known Czech architect and designer Bořek Šípek. The client and also main tenant is the assurance company Allianz, member of the biggest financial holding Allianz Group.

Architect Bořek Šípek designed a white design reception for the Allianz Group, the space is illuminated by modern lamps.

Glass chandeliers

In the design there is a symbiosis of the antique esthetics and colorful combinations, which is typical for the Studio Šípek. Dominating component is the glass, which is not only functional, but also decorative element. In the interior there are glass chandeliers, conference tables and accessories (f.e. ornamental glass balusters composed in the mass of the reception desk). Big aquarium with real fish also attracts attention. The main theme of the design is ‚the garden of elements‘.

The Diamond Point Reconstruction Trends won by CAPEXUS, designer Bořek Šípek designed a highly modern and practical space.

Modern spaces

The reconstruction will proceed during full building operation, which insists high claims for the construction works and the whole project management. Technical Survey was assigned to norman rourke pryme s.r.o.

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