TNK Flex, an office chair which anticipates your movements

The characteristics needed to make a great work chair are fundamentally based on its ergonomics, enabling it to be adjustable, to have a good lumbar support, that the support is sufficiently high enough to provide rest for the back and neck, that it has a sufficiently wide seat, preferably with arm rests to prevent muscle recharge, and furthermore rotation. To date, bear in mind these properties were sufficient, with a design focused on the support and rest of muscles and bones.

Turquoise desk chair TNK FLEX conforming to ergonomic principles with the head restraint and the back. Next to the office chair, is located a height-positionable white table.


Actiu has initiated a new and innovative stage in the field of office seating and from now on, by sitting on the new TNK Flex you will have an experience as comfortable and gratifying as wearing your favourite jeans. The time has come to touch! 

Minimalist room with the yellow wall in the foreground with a man working on a tablet. A man sits on a turquoise office chair TNK-Flex, which meets all the ergonomic principles.

Comfortable chairs

Actiu, through its Research and Development team, together with the industrial design studio, Alegre Design, has gone a step further and created TNK Flex, the operational and executive chair which anticipates, in an intuitive way, the needs of the user, adapting itself to the morphology and movements of the human body and adjusting the backrest and seat as if it were a second skin.

Office chair with turquoise color has ergonomic elements for a healthy back. In the picture you can see the staff setting up the head restraint.

Ergonomics seating

TNK Flex provides two fundamental developments which are going to revolutionise the development of office furniture at Actiu: an evolution of what is understood to be until now ergonomic design, technology applied to this chair based on the support and haptic interaction with the user, meaning haptic sensory perception received through contact that occurs in any part of the human body and which is closely linked to movement.

The seat has been designed based on a similar technology employed in the lorry cabins: a suspended seat that provides a feeling of weightlessness. The contact area with the user is provided by air chambers in the foam of the seat which favours compression and decompression, so that the seat houses, absorbs and adapts its shape to the specific needs of the user, creating a sense of balance and well-being.
Marcelo Alegre, designer Alegre Design
Reclining black and gray office chair with elements of turquoise color. This ergonomic office chair is comfortable and has an adjustable as the headrest, so back. An office chair includes a swivel wheel for changing the position in the workplace.

Comfort in the first place

TNK Flex is a chair which contains a high technological level that has been reached thanks to the desire to excel and constant improvements leading to almost 50 years of experience in the office furniture sector and especially in the development and innovation of the operative chair. Destined for more demanding users and environments.

It is a product which brilliantly combines the five fundamental pillars in office furniture: performance, quality, ergonomics, design and competitiveness. All this without sacrificing high standards of safety and respect for the environment and commitment to manufacture 100% of its products on the premises of Actiu Technological Park in Castalla, Alicante (Spain).

Reclining black and gray office chair with elements of turquoise color. The image is focused on the employee sitting on the ergonomic chair, which adjusts the back support. An office chair includes a swivel wheel for changing the position in the workplace.

The importance of the seat cushion

The seat is the starting point from which the user is supported by a totally adjustable backrest, (height, inclination, torque) which interprets the user's movements and is ahead of them, with a soft dance, which provides total freedom of movements in daily work, maintaining the correct ergonomic posture at all times and with maximum efficiency.

From this comfortable and stable seat of the user, we have created an intelligent backrest, in an orbital way that brings the back home automatically adjusting all movements without the user having to activate any mechanism.
Marcelo Alegre, designer Alegre Design

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