Start the day in a working group not only coffee

Morning release not only the body but also the mind. What we do in the morning, we woke up and draw strength to a new working day? Here in the CAPEXUS once a week we practice yoga together.



Our company offers its employees excellent benefits that allow them to care for their health. One of the most attractive ways is a morning yoga exercises that are held in our CAPEXUS once a week. Everyone can participate from colleagues to their liking. In these warm months it is very nice that we can train outdoors in the pergola. During the winter yoga takes place in the meeting room.

With this movement, we are trying to lighten a sedentary job, which can lead to many health complications. Yoga is known for its beneficial effects both on the mental aspect and on the physical condition. Its curative effects come slowly, so you need regular daily exercise.

By yoga can be achieved, for example:

  • better body posture
  • increase breathing capacity
  • improved bowel function, circulation of lymph and immune system function
  • strengthen the muscles
  • improve of proprioception - the perception of body position in the space
  • increased control over bodily functions
  • tuning the nervous system
  • improve brain function
  • reduction of the stress hormone cortisol levels
  • reduction of blood pressure

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