Shey and Badminton nominated in the i-NOVO Awards

During the opening of iSaloni, the leading international design trade fair held in Milan from 14 to 19 April ArchiExpo unveiled the products nominated in different categories, Design, Tech and Eco, of the i i-NOVO Awards. Among those selected are Shey and Badminton, two of Actiu’s novelties.


Elegant design

Badminton, nominated in the Design category, shows a great commitment to sophistication embodied in a wraparound seat with a completely innovative design. Badminton responds to the challenge of elegantly combining work with leisure in an office environment. It makes it possible to create spaces that stimulate motivation, creativity and concentration while offering an innovative and cutting-edge image.


Technological elements

Shey, received the Technology award, i.e. for those products that show the innovative application of technology to design, either by means of the invention of a new technology, a technological innovation of a manufacturing process or the use of advanced materials to improve design. Shey fit like the pieces of a puzzle to create this little oasis to replenish energy levels, enjoy relaxing moments or unplanned events that stimulate teamwork..

The i-NOVO Design Award recognizes products that have managed to go that extra step further to stand out among those designers that integrate current trends. Possibly due to their ability to show "an unexpected aesthetic quality, evincing a clear thinking process, paying attention to ease of use, responding to a perceived need or proposing an innovative alternative lifestyle" according to the website for i-NOVO awards.

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