Office interior, where everybody feels good

Let´s will try to closer describe issue of good, healthy and creative company office interior. Which interior and design meets the requirements and needs of modern human being of 21stcentury?

We live in a fast-moving time, when during the working process hardly anything is forgiven. Designer or architect, who is taking into account challenging requirements on energy and workload of contemporary employees of bigger or smaller corporation, has to inevitably think how to adapt the design of interior in order to stimulate both well-being and also productivity of its users. It is necessary to create conditions which will be primarily healthy and human at the same time. Is it possible to design really comfortable interior, where user will feel good and enjoy it?Quality of the working environment itself is primary factor, which influences our health, productivity, contentment and satisfaction. So what is the healthy office interior about?

Let’s look at the factors that affect in the most distinctive way the employee of the company, who is a person with individual character, with its needs and visions:

Glass niche next to which are the walls of living plants for better air quality

1. Quality of the air

Correctly designed concept of ventilation is able to raise productivity by 8 up to 11 percent. The possibility of natural ventilation itself is a huge plus of every office interior, in view of the fact that not even the best air-conditioning can replace fresh air.

Minimalist design in modern office room with blue pastel chairs. The natural light and bright interior give the room a pleasant atmosphere.

2. Disposition

Good design of disposition and functional division of the area is important for correct operation of the company, concentration and positive thinking of its employees.

Modern office with wooden floors and a décor of light brown pallet, which creates a wooden island. Natural daylight gives realtors a relaxing atmosphere.

3. Daylight and artificial light

Sun is the source of warm, light, energy and for people it is additionally the source of satisfaction and vitamin D. Sufficient amount of daylight relates to health and peace in mind. Also the technology which is used for installation of artificial light is very important. Office light should be designed especially for computer workplace.

Relaxing area with modern lighting and décor made from natural materials engenders a sense of connection with nature. Trees as decorative elements creates a feeling of a park inside the building.

4. Nature in the interior

Opportunities are almost unlimited – starting with the use of interior nature materials, green vegetation, running water, green walls, winter gardens, green terraces, ending with creation of park with small lake inside of the building. This type of relax zone is able to evoke the feeling, that also at the workplace, the employee can be connected with the nature.

Closed niche in a busy open plan office. The niche has a comfortable seat for seating and is enclosed for greater privacy in conversations.

5. Acoustic solution

Good acoustic of interior is very important in open space offices. Noise very often causes a discomfort of users of the workplace. On the market there are already available possible solutions, which connect technological attributes with design trends – acoustic panels, dividers, furniture which eliminates undesirable noise in the office interior.

Modern design with green elements in the interior creates a great contrast with the white walls. Comfortable environment in a simple style.

6. Heat comfort

Is an important factor, which affects the satisfaction at the workplace. If the employee is able to regulate the temperature, it is contributing to better performance. We know from our own experiences, how it is when we get sick as a result of incorrectly set up air-conditioning.

Scientists already proved that women’s metabolism is slower and produces less warm than the man’s one. And so that is the reason why women should work in the environment with higher temperature.

Minimalist design in scandinavian style with a modern interior and a vertical green wall of plants for better air quality.

7. Design and visual solution

Design is a complex of elements of general solution, which is often neglected in company areas. But in fact it is the design and visual aspect of the interior of the company, which creates loyalty and supports creativity of its employees. It influences not only the users, but also makes an impression of clients and business partners, who visit the workplace.

Autor článku: Nasťa Džavíková, MSc.

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