Could offices change from sitting to standing?

A number of studies have suggested that constant sitting at work is bad for you. Medical research has been building up for a while now, suggesting constant sitting is harming our health - potentially causing cardiovascular problems or vulnerability to diabetes.

A minimalist room with a yellow wall in the foreground with a man working on a tablet. The man is sitting on a turquoise office chair TNK-Flex, which meets all ergonomic principles.

Unhealthy sitting

But when it comes to the average office, reducing sitting is a huge challenge. It means rethinking architecture, spending a lot of money, changing the office routine. Adjustable sit-stand desks can cost many hundreds of euros.

Timeless, height-adjustable office gray-black table that is matched in the same colors as office chairs. This harmonious environment is great for work efficiency and quiet mind.

Adjustable tables

The current common arrangement of rigid rows of desks, beloved of businesses wanting to cut down on renting floor space, does not suit employees who want more physical choice in how they work..

Minimalist room with a pink wall in the foreground with a man working on a computer. Next to a man is a turquoise office chair that meets all ergonomic principles. The figure also has a height-adjustable table.

Cost reduction

Advocates say more standing would benefit not only health, but also workers' energy and creativity. And some big organisations and companies are beginning to look seriously at change.

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