Workspaces on the move

Instilling healthy physical and mental habits in our routine is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. The sedentary lifestyle that characterises modern work has led to companies being even more aware of the importance that the well-being of their employees has on their professional success, and committing toa corporate culture that rewards healthy behaviour.

Sports gym at work to improve physical activity during sedentary work

Physical inactivity

New technologies promote a sedentary work style, which is directly linked to health problems in the short
and long term. If we add the time we spend sitting at work, to the time we spend sitting in our cars, on the underground, on the bus, on the sofa at home, and at lunch time, we easily surpass the recommended ´physical inactivity´ limit. In fact, as noted by the World Health Organisation, around 60% of the world´s population does not carry out the necessary amount of physical exercise needed to provide health benefits.

Modern library in work areas for relax

Sedentary work style

Studies published by the British Medical Journal show that
sedentary lifestyle doubles the risk of cardiovascular disease, increasing the probability of suffering back problems, high blood pressure or osteoporosis, among others. Furthermore, a sedentary lifestyle directly affects our emotional health, significantly increasing the likelihood of suffering from stress, anxiety or depression.

Improving sports life to prevent negative problems in sedentary work

Sport lifestyle 

We had to wait until the middle of the 20th century
to obtain objective data about the negative effects on our health caused by the lack of physical activity. In the 50s, Jeremiah Morris, considered to be the father of physical activity and health epidemiology, proved that
a sedentary lifestyle increased the risk of death. Since then, numerous studies have been carried out on the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle on people´s health and well-being.

Relaxation room with designer tabourets for relaxing at work

Movement in the Workplace

If until now the solution adopted by many has been
to make up for hours spent sitting, by spending hours
at the gym, experts note the need to incorporate
movement into companies´ work routines. Apart from releasing endorphins, physical exercise fosters the creation of new neurons (neurogenesis), improves brain performance and increases BDNF protein levels, directly involved in the learning and memory processes.

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