Workspaces for future generations

Over time, designing and planning workspaces have undergone several changes, not only because of the need to revamp office furniture and décor, but also due to the generational and cultural transformation itself that takes place within organizations.


These new generations share a value that they consider vital when working in a company; flexibility, in other words, they want the freedom to decide when and where to work.


Regarding the “when”, little can be done through design in this aspect as it will directly depend on each company’s flexi-time policy. Now, if we talk about the “where”, there is something that can be changed beyond just working from home, based on a design proposal that considers it an added value.


Until recently, we were used to working in a permanent and assigned job, it didn’t matter if the task required concentration or inspiration, the place stayed the same. The reason for this was none other than the lack of technology mobility.

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