Work standing up, tips to improve ergonomics and well-being

Spending eight hours a day sitting down is no longer fashionable. Neither is spending eight hours on your feet. The key is balance or, rather, movement. Carrying out daily work activities while in movement and changing between different positions promotes health and physical well-being and leads to emotional happiness.


A sedentary lifestyle and muscle passivity slow down our metabolism and reduce enzymes while raising glucose and cholesterol levels.


Making up for the long hours spent sitting down with intense gym sessions to loosen joints and muscles is not good either. However, introducing movement in our day-to-day lives is important, especially in traditionally sedentary jobs.

In fact, our genetic inheritance goes against spending long hours sitting - in addition to those we spend sleeping in bed. Our ancestors had little time to rest, which is why our health suffers from inactivity. To the motionless hours at work, in the car, on the underground, on the bus, lying on the sofa at home, we can also add the time spent doing nothing during meals.


The advantages of incorporating movement and standing work into daily work routines are countless.               It improves the harmful effects of a sedentary lifestyle, reducing stress and the risk of suffering from serious illnesses leading to increased life expectancy, as more calories are burned and heart rate and back pain are improved.

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