The future of coworking and flexible spaces

Is coworking just a temporary fad?  Will traditional offices become big coworking spaces? Without a doubt, these spaces for shared working have transformed the market and will continue to evolve. But how? Up to now, it has been a revolution that has even led to a rethink of traditional work structures.


New ways of working

All of this was discussed in the last edition of WorkSpacesDay, three days of conferences with experts who cleared up the unknowns of coworking and tackled the new ways of working. Actiu was present at this forum through its advisor and director of Corporate Reputation, Soledat Berbegal.


The design of space: the key to well-being

One thing that all the speakers agreed on was the importance of coworking creating community.
It is crucial to go back to the original idea of this concept: workspaces between like-minded people, who can share, as well as a workspace, some values, a way of seeing life and projects that unite thembeyond their individual tasks. This is the key to the coworking spaces that work,
and design is the key to creating this atmosphere
of well-being.


Home, work and fun in the office

Currently, trends are pointing towards the breakdown
of boundaries between work, life and leisure spaces.
New technologies allow us to work from anywhere and
the shift towards creating hybrid environments, combining pleasure and work, is becoming even more popular every day. In this sense, we will soon be able to find offices combined with homes or shops. Mixed-use buildings where the focus is on people.


Cooperation and not competition

In this sense, coworking spaces are the first step. They promote cooperation and not competition, creating shared workspaces that encourage collaboration by projects, connecting people from different disciplines to work together. What's more, the choice between one space and another is often made by taking into account factors such as its design, colleagues and the extra-work activities it may offer.

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