Smartworking: a new way of working

New global challenges are forcing companies to transform. To modify their structure, their processes, their teams and their own spaces to achieve a more agile and flexible work system. Capable of responding to current trends, taking advantage of the opportunities that technology offers and enhancing the creativity and well-being of the team, a new way of working, known as SmartWorking, has emerged. It is a new way of approaching work that gets rid of inflexibility and predetermined patterns in favour of focusing on what
is relevant: ideas, projects and people.

Smart collaboration between people and technologies


New methodologies thus emerge that boost flexibility
in the interests of creativity and well-being. That seeks
to create value and innovation from smart collaboration between people and technologies. Cooperation that helps to reduce operational costs and to reduce
the impact on the environment. 

They also imply a change in the work culture and seek to provide the necessary framework to generate smart and agile processes that favour the effectiveness of the organisation and its capacity to adapt to change. SmartWorking focuses on four concepts that take
on a new dimension: space, time, technology and people.

Coworking office spaces for collaboration


Work is no longer limited to the company´s physical limitations, to tables and chairs. Different tasks may require different spaces and different colleagues, even
in remote locations. It is the task that is important, not the place where it is carried out. Therefore, the office becomes a collaborative space, where experiences
are shared.

Organizing work on blackboard


Reorganising and automating work processes allows you to focus on the project, the objectives and on each
of the tasks performed, regardless of where and when they are dealt with. Individual tasks become more flexible
and the time spent on teamwork can be spent
on creativity and innovation.

Collaboration between technologies and people for better work space


Technology has revolutionised workspaces, creating more efficient ways to collaborate; optimising processes
and streamlining projects. Technology is what enables flexibility in terms of work space and time, but it must always be aligned with the structure and operation
of the company to be effective.

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