Seeking inspiration at Orgatec 2016

Because we are always seeking new inspiration wherever it is possible, a team of architects from CAPEXUS travelled to Cologne for the prestigious Orgatec exhibition fair.


Design Fair

The Orgatec fair takes place once in every two years and is one of the biggest European fairs dedicated to office interior design and modern architectural trends. It was a great opportunity for us to be able to visit the fair, because our clients’ expectations are always growing, and we want to meet them with the highest possible standards.


Natural elements

The trends in this years‘ expositions were all created from natural materials, from unruly green walls to small decent floral decorations. Wooden elements are an ongoing trend, especially natural wooden structures and wooden decor. All expositions had an interesting futuristic twist created by combinations of all kinds of colors and shapes. The diversity of the shapes was underlined by the selection of the materials that were used to create the furniture and decorations.

One of the exhibitors on the prestigious fair was our partner in the field of acoustic elements in offices, the company SilentLab.

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