A gift for those who need it the most

The approaching Christmas holidays and the end of the year are an inspiration for most of us to reflect and recap the past 12 months. The year 2020 was full of uncertainty, but it showed that health, considerateness and mutual support are more important than any material items. In the family, among friends and among colleagues in the office.

The extraordinary nature of this year made us think about whether we could give you something special instead of a regular gift. Something that will give true joy not only to you, but also to others. That is why we have decided to help together with you where it is most meaningful.

This Christmas CAPEXUS is giving CZK 150,000 in total

christmas tree with wishes

Let's give joy together

This Christmas CAPEXUS is giving CZK 150,000 in total
to charitable purposes and you have the opportunity to decide how we will distribute the amount among the selected organizations. Each of them will receive at least CZK 20,000, but the distribution of the remaining funds is up to you.

Who did we supported together? 

  • Michle Retirment Home, which creates a family atmosphere for seniors
  • Divoké husy Foundation, which motivates creative people and spreads philanthropy
  • Hospice Help Endowment Fund, which helps to support and improve the living conditions of patients

The donation is already going to the following organizations:

53 288 CZK - Hospice Help
31 096 CZK - Michle Retirment Home
65 616 CZK - Divoké husy

You can continue to support projects on your own.
Thank you for your votes and we wish the organizations and you Mery Christmas and good health.

christmas tree

The magic of Christmas

We believe that the opportunity to support one of the organizations will be a gift for you, thanks to which as many people as possible will enjoy the magic of the Christmas holidays. Let us know which organization you want to support with your decision.

You can also support the projects on your own

If you want to support the project above and beyond the CAPEXUS donation, you can send your donation to these organizations by bank transfer.

Divoké husy Foundation

Find out more about the organization at the website

  • account no. 27 000 000/0100
  • variable code: 333333
  • In case of interest, a tax deduction document (donation contract) can be issued to donors.

The only Czech non-profit organization that has been helping those who want to actively help themselves for over 20 years. Divoké husy motivates creative people, spreads philanthropy and promotes a sense of belonging among people in the region. It most often helps organizations that support children, adults or seniors with disabilities or impairments.

Michle Retirement Home

Find out more about the organization at www.dumseniorumichle.cz

  • account no. 000000-4791378349/0800
  • variable code: 222222

The Michle Retirement Home is a house with a pleasant family atmosphere, in which comprehensive care is provided at a high level with a personal approach focused on the specific needs, interests or wishes of seniors. The mission of the house is to maintain the self-sufficiency of seniors and support their dignified life.

Hospice Help Endowment Fund

Find out more about the organization at www.hospichelp.cz

  • account no. 26231704/2010
  • variable code: 444444
  • In case of interest, a tax deduction document (donation contract) can be issued to donors.

The mission and purpose of the Hospice Help Endowment Fund is to help patients who are hospitalized in a non-state hospice in-patient facility, specifically the Malovická Hospice, Malovická 3304/2, 141 00 Prague 4. The Hospice protects the dignity of dying patients. The fund is currently seeking financial assistance for the purchase of necessary equipment.

Thank you very much and allow us to wish you a Merry Christmas a little
ahead of time. 

Photo: Unsplash

Published: 1. 11. 2020

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