CAPEXUS on Brand Identity Design

New spaces for new times. All spaces, but especially those dedicated to work, contract and transit such as corporate offices, airports and hotels, schools or hospitals, are experiencing a radical revolution. They are no longer the physical environment that simply held the furniture for users and have instead become a strategic lever for change and a representation of brand identity that allows organisations to align their transformation challenges with the need for well-being and satisfaction of their employees, clients and consumers. 


Corporate image

Corporate identity is the sum of all characteristics, values and beliefs that a company identifies with and through which it manages to set itself apart from other companies over time. A company’s brand identity is its personality, its DNA, its soul, which makes it unique and different from all others. It’s everything that’s intangible that generates followers of its products or services.



Designing a space aligned with the brand’s corporate identity becomes a communication tool capable of telling the company’s history and philosophy. Creating environments that generate excitement, that connect the user in a positive manner with their task or the client with the product or service, that help them to develop their full potential. 

This opens the possibility of conveying a true brand experience within the spaces. An experience that goes beyond rationality, which considers emotional and sensory aspects, perceptions and sensations that the user experiences when interacting with the environment.


Types of workplaces 

The creation of these new corporate contexts is the result of the change in consumption habits, the irruption of technology and the new ways of interacting with one another. New generations are entering the workplace, who bring to the table a different scale of values among which we can highlight sustainability, collaboration, well-being and the integration of technology into all processes, among other aspects.


Space layout

Organisations that aspire to communicate their brand identity through the layout of their space must consider the possibility of implementing new areas, in order to provide the public with the environment that enables the exchange of knowledge and ideas to flow, in order to favour informal meetings, to encourage intergenerational socialisation or so that users are able to disconnect in a way that allows them to find inspiration or relax.


Feeling like home

The brand is present in all these new areas, ranging from kitchens to cafeterias, lobbies and waiting areas, multipurpose rooms, terraces or indoor gardens, spaces that have taken on a new important role. This concept is equally valid for sectors as diverse as hospitals, banks, airport terminals, schools or commercial premises, where people try to create comfortable spaces that have a feeling like home through the implementation of contract solutions.


Design and comfort

Through Cool Working®, Actiu identifies all furniture needs in work and collective environments to be able to provide multi-purpose products with friendly designs and soft seating concepts to generate welcoming areas that ensure highly-personalised experiences.

Efficient, sustainable, healthy spaces with cutting-edge technology that are representative of the organisation’s values, where users, professionals and customers improve their experience, engaging people and strengthening the brand, thereby creating real competitive advantages for the business. 


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