Fit-out for Avestus Real Estate


Praha 5 - Explora


Avestus Real Estate


1 000 sqm



At the end of the last year we successfully completed the further implementation of the administrative building Explorana in Prague 5. It involved the construction of the new offices for Avestus Real Estate that is the developer of this successful project.

 The new offices for Avestus Real Estate are equipped with a modern chessboard carpet.

Carpet laid

The new offices are a combination of open space and several individual offices and meeting rooms. To maintain the natural light and airy we used glass components. An interesting element of the new offices is also a carpet laid in a shape of a chessboard.

Light kitchens with dark appliances make a nice contrast in the offices of Avestus Real Estate.

Third realization

It is already our third implementation within the Explora Project and thanks to a good knowledge of the building and set collaboration the entire construction went very well.


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