Actiu furniture in DOCK01


Pračkova ul.DOCK 01 na Praze 8




1 000 sqm



In early January CAPEXUS implemented the first significant contract of the office furniture Actiu for one of the subsidiaries of the developer Crestyl building DOCK 01 situated in Prague 8. The main requirement of the client, which is one of the largest developers in the Czech Republic, was a demand for a clean and elegant style.

Office furniture in Crestyl. White chair STAY with black upholstery and PRISMA wooden work desk with metal construction.

Design series ARKITEK

Therefore we recommended the highest design series ARKITEK to the meeting rooms and managers ‘office.

 The PRISMA workbench has a wooden board and a metal base in the shape of A.

Actiu´s innovation

The tables offer unconventionally designed metal legs in the “A” shape. In combination with a melamine board in chestnut color imitating wood by its decor and structure, we have achieved a luxurious impression. For the open space we used an Actiu´s innovation – working desk PRISMA excelling in smooth and clear style with a minimum of visible seams.

The URBAN PLUS metal chair on black upholstery wheels and a molded backrest for comfortable seating.

Elegant chairs

The tables were supplemented by elegant work chairs STAY and conference chairs URBAN PLUS. For the manager we chose an icon of the Actiu work chairs – TNK500.

 The meeting room is furnished with Actiu furniture. A STAY chair is located around the Prisma desk.

Pleasantly suprise

CAPEXUS proved that Actiu furniture can satisfy the highest requirements and pleasantly surprise by its price level at the same time.

Kulatý pracovní stůl PRISMA s dřevěnou deskou a kovovým podnožím umožňuje snadné rozložení bílých židlí STAY s černým čalouněním.

CAPEXUS newly represents Actiu company on the Czech and Slovak market. Currently, preparations of a showroom are underway. The opening is planned for the turn of February and March 2015.   

Actiu ( is a successful family-owned company operating in 70 countries on 5 continents. Its history dates back to 1968 when its founder Vincente Berbegal founded a small workshop producing custom furniture. Currently, the company manufactures a wide range of office furniture for a middle and upper segment. For more information contact Mrs. Matulová:

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